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21 March 08:00 - 17:00Malmö Arena hotel

Joint Forces for Sustainability Forum

Adopting a circular model! Call for the Industry, Academia/Research and the Public Sector.

Frequently used, abused and accused – the role of packaging and its end-of-life environmental impact evokes new solutions from new ideas within the world of packaging.

This is a call to the professionals from industry, academia/research and public sector for dialogue and knowledge sharing. Together we can face the challenges and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.


Joint Forces for Sustainability Forum gathers industry, academia and public sector to engage and inspire you by leading experts. You will meet all sorts of cool people thinking both outside and inside of the box, not to mention the very box itself - and provide the opportunity to instigate cooperation with a partner that might take your business to a whole new level.

What can you expect?

• Dialogue, interaction and networking.
• Inspiring speakers from the industry, academia/research, politics and public sector.
• Update on challenges and foresights.
• Workshop.




Lisa Kirsebom
Freelancing science journalist


Lisa Kirsebom has worked for almost twenty years as a science journalist, and for the past ten years as a moderator. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Lund University. She also studied science - biology, chemistry and physics. Among her most recent employers are Lund University, the Government Offices of Sweden and Region Skåne.

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Paolo Scarabelli
Manager, Innovation & Partnerships, Automation & Digital @ Tetra Pak

From Disruption to Construction: how technology can contribute in a future sustainable world

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Åsa Stenmarck
Group Manager @ IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet

War against plastic - can we turn the tide?

Åsa Stenmarck has worked with waste and resources flow including consumption for the last 17 years. During the last year Åsa has been assigned by the Swedish government with a special investigation on how to find the best ways to use plastics in a sustainable way.

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Johan Kerver
CEO @ Filigrade

Proper sorting and recycling will help to continue the usage of plastic as the workhouse of the economy

Johan Kerver started in 1979 as an airbrush-illustrator and designer, but in 1986 he started using Adobe Illustrator for his illustrations, soon afterwards he also used the first Photoshop-version. He founded an institute for graphical trainings, The Result Builders, in 1998, in The Netherlands. In 2012 he started with the development of digital watermarks that now results in FiliGrade. 

FiliGrade delivers watermark solutions as anti-counterfeiting, consumer engagement and sustainable watermarked bottles to FMG-multinationals, world leading laminate printers, plastic product manufacturers, and more.

Johan has written more then ten books on graphical workflows in Dutch, some of them are translated into Danish and English.

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Arvid Sundblad
CEO @ Fiskeby Board

Fiskeby – applied sustainability

Arvid Sundblad is the CEO of Fiskeby Board in Sweden. He has a Master of Science in Forestry with the final year at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. He has had a career in the paper industry since many years including Site Manager IL-Returpapper, Sales Director Iggesund Tools, Sales Director and Logistics Manager  Översjö Iggesund Paperboard, Sales Director for Tobacco cartons and Sales Director Iggesund Paperboard.

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Jouni Lattu
Customer Account Lead @ VTT

ThermoCell – The Cellulose-based Plastics

Jouni Lattu is Customer Account Lead at VTT in Finland, focusing the sales on the international packaging value chain. Mr. Lattu has an M. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering from Tampere and Chalmers. He has had a career in the packaging industry for 3 decades, with companies like Huhtamaki, McDonald’s and SoloCup. VTT’s particular interest areas in packaging materials are bio-based polymers, foam formed paper and cardboard webs, and nanofibril developments.

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Lars Gustafsson
Senior Sustainability Manager Business Development Nordic/Baltic @ BASF

ChemCycling - from plastic waste to new chemical products

Since 1984 Lars has been engaged in finding sustainable solutions together with customers in various BASF businesses. In his current role as Senior Sustainability Manager he works with Business Development, implementing sustainability solutions together with business areas and customers in the Nordic/Baltic region.

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Tobias Nielsen
Post-doc @ Lund University

Pathways to sustainable plastics

In this presentation, I will provide an overview of five potential pathways to a sustainable plastics system: bio-based plastics, biodegradable plastics, recycled plastics, fewer types of plastics, and reduced use of plastics. I will analyse their opportunities, challenges, and how they interact.

Tobias Nielsen

Tobias Dan Nielsen is a post-doc at the Department of Political Science, at Lund University. His research is focused on sustainable plastics, global climate governance, and biodiversity off-setting. He is part of a an transdisciplinary project on sustainable plastics (STEPS), where he explores transition pathways for sustainable plastics and how such transitions can be governed.

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Helén Williams
Associate Professor @ Karlstad University

How Packaging Functions Affect the Fate of Used Packaging in Households

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Håkan Samuelsson
Environmental strategist @ Region Skåne

Innovation for sustainable growth and circular economy

Håkan is specialised in regional and sustainable development. In his work he addresses various challenges to develop the bio-economy through a value chain approach. How can products and material be produced without tearing on the environment? How can this be a booster for local business? How can the public sector be a forerunner and take wise decisions in for example the way we procure? And how can procurement drive innovation? These are some key questions for a green region in the circular economy.

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Arianna Ruggeri
Project Manager @ University of Bologna

eCircular Flagship Programme: enabling regional ecosystems to develop sustainable solutions fostering plastic waste prevention

eCircular is the Flagship Programme co-funded within the EIT Climate-KIC Loop. Loop is the global innovation platform on circular economy developed by EIT Climate-KIC that aims at realising a carbon-neutral plastic system in Europe by 2050. EIT Climate-KIC pursues this ambitious target with a strong community of partners from Academia, Research, Business, Public Administration and NGOs.

eCircular acts fostering, among others, eco-design and digital innovation (e.g. dematerialisation, blockchain). eCircular launch consortium involves University of Bologna (Italy) as coordinator, Montan University (Austria), Lund University (Sweden), Ecomatters (Netherlands), Wuppertal Institute (Germany) and EIT Climate-KIC. The programme started in 2018 and will last until 2021.

Arianna Ruggeri

Arianna Ruggeri has over 10 years of experience in project management, developing innovative and sustainable solutions applied to consumer-oriented value chains. As researcher her fields of expertise focused on agri-food value chain, healthy food consumption, and sustainability. She is project manager at University of Bologna - Italy to support the coordination of eCircular Flagship Programme co-funded by EIT Climate-KIC.

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Olga Munroe
Head of The Retail Institute

Workshop - The Future of Packaging: Can the Sector Survive?

Olga Munroe is Head of the Retail Institute at Leeds Beckett University, a research centre that specialises in innovation and consumer behaviour in relation to retail. She provides strategic direction for the Institute’s thematic strands by working closely with global brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers, ensuring that our research methodologies can inform their strategic & innovation priorities. Olga has a MA and BA in Philology from University of Warsaw, followed by career in marketing, where she worked on award winning media campaigns for large European retail developers, and experience in academia, where she was involved with university strategic research projects.

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Jeff Gold
Professor of Organisation Learning @ The Retail Institute and Leeds Business School

Workshop - The Future of Packaging: Can the Sector Survive?

Jeff Gold is Professor of  Organisation Learning at York and Leeds Business Schools. He is a strong advocate of the need for actionable knowledge that is rigorously developed but relevant for practice. He has designed and delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes and workshops on talent management and development, change, strategic learning, futures and foresight, management and leadership development with a particular emphasis on participation and distribution. 

He has worked closely with organisations such as Skipton Building Society, Hallmark Cards, the NHS, the Police Service, Leeds Bradford Boiler Company and a host of others.

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Registration and coffee




Introduction to the conference

Conference Moderator - Lisa Kirsebom


Paolo Scarabelli - Tetra Pak


Arvid Sundblad - Fiskeby Board


Lars Gustafsson - BASF


Panel discussion

Short presentation by Håkan Samuelsson, Region Skåne

Panel members: Paolo Scarabelli, Tetra Pak; Arvid Sundblad, Fiskeby Board; Lars Gustafsson, BASF and Håkan Samuelsson, Region Skåne.


Coffee break


Åsa Stenmarck - IVL


Helén Williams - Karlstad University


Jouni Lattu - VTT


Panel discussion

Short presentation by Arianna Ruggeri, University of Bologna

Panel members: Åsa Stenmarck, IVL; Helén Williams, Karlstad University; Jouni Lattu, VTT and Arianna Ruggeri, University of Bologna.



We will enjoy a fine lunch in the Hotel's restaurant.


Tobias Nielsen - Lund University


Short Presentation of the workshop results from Top Packaging Summit 2018

Svetlana Eskebaek, Packbridge


Workshop - Part One

Packaging faces a difficult and uncertain future. A failure to respond to difficulties could lead to its decline and replacement. The workshop will employ a Futures and Foresight process to consider the possible state of the sector in 2029 and then use a process of 'reverse extrapolation' to generate actions for the present.


Coffee Break


Workshop - Part Two


Johan Kerver - Filigrade


Wrap up and summary

Conference Moderator - Lisa Kirsebom


Cocktail mingle


End of the day

March 21, 2019

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